15 years building the future

The Iberian Energy Derivatives Market

On July 3rd of 2006, the Iberian Derivatives Market was launched, operated by OMIP and OMIClear. In 2021, 15 years after, we follow and permanently reinforced our commitment and leadership towards a sustainable energy landscape in the EU, supported by the OMIP and OMIClear teams that provide high-level client service, confidence, and creative initiatives to expand our portfolio designed to meet the market needs , while complying with the legislative and regulatory framework, in particular the transparency standards.

We would like to thank our entire team, trading and clearing members, and stakeholders for their great support during these 15 years of life of the Iberian Energy Market.

Let’s proceed building the future!


It all started in 2001, when the process of convergence of the Spanish and Portuguese electric systems began. OMIP was created in 2003, followed by OMIClear in 2004 – the same year as the agreements to create MIBEL.
Finally, on July 3rd of 2006, the Iberian Derivatives Market was launched.


OMIP starts operations as the first power exchange in the Iberian Peninsula – launch of Spain Baseload Financial Futures till Year+1

OMIP admitted on Europex (European Association of Energy exchanges)

19 trading members and 3 clearing banks

Market consolidation

Market consolidation and onboarding of new trading and clearing members

Extension of the Spain power curve up to Year+2

Auctions for allocation of wind energy production licences in collaboration with Direção Geral de Energia e Geologia (DGEG)

First Market Maker

First Market Maker in OMIP and the Iberian Market’s history

Launch of new power products: Spain Forwards and SWAPs; Portugal Financial Futures

Auctions for cushion gas acquisition in collaboration with REN Armazenagem

Launch of Spain Peakload Financial Futures

Go-live of Trayport Exchange Trading System (ETS) as OMIP trading platform

OMIClear admitted to the EACH (European Association of CCP Clearing House)

New branding

First Special Regime Producers (PRE) auction for Last Resort Supplier (CUR) in Portugal

First OMIP/OMIE common Board of Directors.

OMIP manages a Spectrum Auction (SMRA model) in the Portuguese telecom market, in collaboration with Anacom

Celebrating of 5 years of market operation: new branding and new headquarters in Lisbon

Extension of the power products curve up to Year+3

Corporate restructuring: holdings OMIP SGPS in Portugal and OMEL in Spain, hold equal shares of the market management companies

1st Spain-Portugal Interconnection Auction (FTR) in collaboration with REN and REE

Authorized under EMIR

Launch of Options on Power Futures for Spain Baseload Contracts

OMIClear is authorized by ESMA under EMIR regulation

Futures FR-DE

First Solar Auction managed by OMIP in collaboration with ENDESA

OMIP approved by ACER as ‘Registered Reporting Mechanism’ (RRM)

Launched of power futures for the French and German zones

OMIP manages a Spectrum Auction (SMRA model) in Polish telecom market, in collaboration with UKE

Sponsor of EMART Energy 2015 – Barcelona

OMIP curve extended up to Year+4

OMIP appointed by ERSE as responsible for operating the Balancing Gas Auction platform in Portugal

Natural Gas Futures

OMIP is the first natural gas derivatives exchange in the Iberian Peninsula: launch of Spain PVB Natural Gas futures with Physical delivery till Year+2

Solar Futures

Launched of Spanish Solar futures

Extension of OMIP power curve up to Year+5

First Portuguese Solar Auction

OMIClear C.C., Sucursal España appointed as OMI Group RRM

OMIP manages the 1st Portuguese Solar Auction in collaboration with DGEG

Extension of OMIP power curve up to Year+7

GIG | Curve Y+10

Start of operation of GIG, the Integrated Collateral Manager of Portuguese National Electric System (SEN)

Extension of OMIP Iberian power curve up to Year+10

15 Years

OMIP manages the first Portuguese Guarantees of Origin Auction

GIG extends the service of integrated collateral management to the Portuguese Natural Gas System (SNG)

Celebrating of 15 years of market operation

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